Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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Reading the epoch blog by Deborah Olayiwola was something I found not only inspiring but interesting.
She was always able to bring to light the situations that were bothering the society and addressing them to the best of her knowledge.
Furthermore, the topics were so clearly explained and interestingly put for not just the youth and teens as well to understand.
When I heard she was starting a youtube and podcast I knew the whole world was finally prepared to be taken by storm. I hope you’re counting down cause I am.

Onekpe Abigail.


One of the blog post i really liked it was really insightful about friendship and also the different types of death not only the physical death. I love your blog because you talk about a whole range or things. And even while doing that you still gets Gods perspective on those things and situation. And it just makes it so much easier to read and understand.

Epoch as the one word means.. a particular period in time … Debsepoch is a blog that tends to discuss and shed light on issues that happen in this period of time that we are in the society. Debsepoch is a blog that every youth should have as a must visited blog.
Lastly, Debsepoch serves as a place I reach to for clarity on certain issues and each write up comes at the right time when needed.