There was a point in my life where I thought I had it all figured out. Well, you know how that ended: I realized that the truth of the matter is that I have never had it all figured out. 

What is right today may not be tomorrow. What is bad today may be good tomorrow. Well at least, I know God is the same yesterday, today and forever. One of the reasons I hold on to him so tightly. 

“I don’t have it all figured out. What I do have is a better understanding of what that could even mean”

It is quite frustrating when you have a lot of questions with no answers really. 

Okay, see this: many people have this kind of inner compass guiding their actions, something deep within them, call it a purpose, call it a vision, call it a passion, call it whatever. It is something that when they are aligned to, they feel good, they are on fire, they are happy, it feels amazing to get out of the bed. And when they are not aligned to it, every day crawls by and life doesn’t hold much meaning. 

With all the changes that have happened in my life, it is this compass that makes things make sense really. 

How does the compass come about? God

What is this compass? Faith. 

Here is what I have learned: no matter how lost or confused I am, that compass is there. All I ever really do is unlock. 

Sometimes, I forget to. Sometimes, I get too angry to. Sometimes, I’m just lazy. But I know that if I really want to get through life a victor, I need this compass.

There is a lot I don’t know right now. I’m still trying to figure my walk with God. My strength and weaknesses.  My career. The kind of man I want to spend my life with. The choice of friends. And many other things on the list. 

I used to think I make my own destiny. Now I know better: Romans 8:29-30 says “God knew what he was doing from the very beginning. He decided from the onset to shape the lives of those who love him along the same lines of the life of his Son. The Son stands first in the line of humanity he restored. We see the original and intended shape of our lives there in him. After God made that decision of what his children should be like, he followed it up by calling people by name. After God called them by name, he set them on a solid basis with himself. And then, after getting them to the end, gloriously completing what he had begun” (MSG)

Jeremiah 1:5 says “Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you: A prophet to the nations- that is what I had in mind for you.”

Why is this compass needed?

It is the only way to know our purpose in life. The only way. I did not create myself. How can I know the whole essence of my existence? 

Glory to God for the compass. 

I am tired of fighting it. I am tired of thinking my way through it.

 I make a decision today to go back to God and align with my compass (faith)

You may not make this decision now but one way or the other, you will if you want to make the most of your life. 

We are on earth because God chose to make that decision. For a reason. As long as we keep this in mind, we will always have to find our way back to him.

I can tell you for sure that no matter how smart or beautiful or rich you are, it will fade without God. Don’t even take that risk.

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