Brotherly love and boundaries 2

The bible says, ‘For as long as it is possible, live in peace with all men.’
Every time I read this scripture, I don’t see where it says by all means or at whatever cost, live in peace with all men.
Except we want to be dishonest, it is not humanly possible for you to be peaceful with others and vice versa. 
Even Jesus, the perfect one, people picked a thief over him! Do you think they were at peace with him? But he had a perfect personality. From Jesus’ side too, if peace was at whatever cost, he wouldn’t have given the savage replies he gave to those Pharisees and Sadducees. He was bold and courageous to say the truth he knew regardless of whether he was loved or not. Don’t forget Jesus was driven out of some cities.
If it was, the bible would say nothing of enemies. 
Why do we feel bad when others don’t like us? Why do we focus on one person that does not like us when ninety-nine people like us?
It is possible you don’t. But some do. Most importantly, why do we think people not liking us is a reflection of our Christianity?
‘If they don’t like me, then I must be a bad Christian’
Let me take you back to what God revealed to me as regards the truth about LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF.
If you want to know the truth, it hurts God that you think you have to sacrifice everything for someone with the belief that only then can you be acceptable in his eyes. 
It is my prayer today that  everything you do for God will be with full understanding of what we are supposed to do. 
Isaiah 55:9(NLT) says, “For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts are not your thoughts.” Do you think this scripture is for unbelievers only?
He didn’t say ‘Love your NEIGHBOUR at your detriment.’ 
Now, I will lay down the truth revealed to me by God.
God’s signature in every action taken is peace.
Not fear or high-service or doubts.
When you take a decision in relation with your NEIGHBOUR, if you think of that decision in the context of God and feel peace – true peace, then you are on God’s pace.
Mind you, the devil is smart too. To dilute the idea of peace, he will bring in doubt and fear. That will only work if you dwell outside of God. 
If you watched my video on Dealing with Criticism in the Christian environment, you will understand better now why I implored us to not be judgy. If your criticism causes a believer to alter his idea of peace because you believe his act not to be Christian enough, well well you know the rest.
Let me ask you this: 
How do you think life really was for Jesus? Just how many people do you think believed in his vision? Do you think in his words and actions, he found them right and found peace that he was doing God’s will because people affirmed them?
Depending on your answer, don’t forget the Pharisees and Sadduccees.
If you think Jesus never had fears, well bible study time is very needed.
He found true peace in God. True peace.
Not self-deceit. Not peace in self. Not peace in fellow believers but in God.
God loves you as much as the next.
God cannot have you sacrifice your peace of mind or joy for someone else for whatever reason. 
Let me explain this very well so it is taken out of context.
God is not the devil.
He does not give so he can take.
God is more than enough to take care of you and your NEIGHBOUR.
The idea that you are poor because you give a lot or you are cheated or jilted because you gave so much of yourself to others is definitely not from God. God would never lead you to take a decision that would result in this.
God is the one to overflow your cup. Why does he do this?
What overflows is for others. What is in the cup is for you. 
You cannot give to others if you are empty. Why do you think David prayed for this in Psalm 23.
So get rid of that mentality.
Do you think Paul and the other disciples gave so much out to others with their empty selves?
These apostles and disciples were eager to do the work of aGod because they were so filled with the Holy Spirit. They gave faith, love, peace and goodness because they had these fruits of the spirit in them. 
Now to the next truth God revealed to me:
Only when God fills you up can you perform at your maximum point.
If you think because you have so little money so you shouldn’t give, I would say at this point, you are on your own.
So let me rephrase this:
God makes sure you have so you can give.
You cannot give happiness unless you have it.
You cannot give trust unless you have the attribute of a trustworthy person. 
You get what i'm saying?
God prepared Jesus for 30 years for a ministry of 3 years.
Have you ever imagined or wondered how many miracles Jesus must have refused to perform knowing his full capacity or people he kept a distance from in preparation of his purpose? For 30 years!
And he is God’s son.
God is very much interested in you having as much as he is in you giving.
It is okay to take a break, go back to God to fill you up at whatever detriment. 
God takes care of everyone. Don’t forget that. While you think it is not such a good idea to let go of such things or such people, remember the travel companions and Jonah. The former did not know what happened to Joanh after they threw him into the water. They must have felt bad or so ashamed to even mention it to the family. But Jonah was saved. So were these travel companions. 
God’s love and provision for you is not tied to the number of people that love you. If you have to walk away from habits and people (that others may not agree with) for your Christian journey, God understands and he will reward you.
Because he understands how human voices can be so loud in decision making.
The idea of keeping an intimate relationship with people for the sake of ‘family’ or ‘you never know if it is you that will lead the person to christ’ or ‘you don’t know what you might need the person for in future’ is not scriptural. It is purely based on our human and societal views.
Those are not God’s words.
When a decision is to be made, does it favour your Christian journey or these reasons, which would you pick?
Remember, this is a thing between you and your God, not people!
Read about the life of Jesus.
He made a lot of choices people didn’t understand. 
Some eventually did. Some never did. 
That is the sequence.
Always ask yourself: Why am I doing this? For God or myself?
That will determine the course of action to take and remain on.
If you love your NEIGHBOUR and feel drained, you are not doing it like God said. 
Take this from me: No one, I mean no one, can truly serve people feeling drained out. 
Make sure you're not doing this because you want to be seen as ‘a good person’. 
What is the point of serving others if you will hold it to their neck.
I used to know a person who constantly reminded me of the good things she did for me and in honesty, I always thought they were usual things, not extra or exceptional. The sole reason why she had to do this was because she gave what she did not have so she was constantly reminded of what she had made up because that took a lot of energy. 
Jesus is able to give so much love to others because he is loved. He has love. Love has him.
What truly keeps you in love with others is when you have that love in you. 
Ask God to instill love in you, to the point that you give out to love without even realizing it or have it drain you.
Last truth as regards LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF in relation to living in peace with others.
Romans 12:18(NIV) said, “if it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone”
It is only your sole responsibility to live at peace with everyone. It is not your job to make them live at peace with you. 
Imagine if everyone had this instilled in them, we won’t even need qualifications to live at peace.
Peace is relative. 
So decide what is peace for you.
NLT verse of Romans 12:18 said, “Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.”
This is where we get it mixed up most of the time, what does it mean by saying, ‘do all that you can?”
God revealed to me that what it means is that in your spirit, soul and body, radiate peace. Not at your detriment. As Berean Literal Bible said, “If possible of you, living at peace with all men...”
“If possible”
“As possible”
“Is Romans 12:18 talking about compromises? And what type?”
Final Note
You must believe and understand that people come and go. God will remove people who are not for your best interest from your interest.
God is so intentional and deliberate about us that he sent Jesus to abolish laws so we find freedom in him. 
Let us love. 
Let us have boundaries. 
Make two work. 
Without the other, it will become a burden.
Let us apply wisdom in all we do.

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